What we created

Barcelona SAE are study abroad and internship specialists providing enriching experiences in and around Barcelona, Spain. We have been partnered with BSAE for 10+ years now, originally helping them with their branding and marketing materials and more recently assisting them with their website design and UX/UI.

Their branding needed to clearly be differentiated from their competitors whilst embodying the rich culture of Barcelona. Part of their branding is the trencadis tile which can be seen in architecture and around the streets of Barcelona. It represents the creative flair of the city and the diversity present within it. We use this as part of the overall branding across BSAE’s print and digital branding.

Colors & Material

The primary colours within the BSAE trencadis pattern are used throughout BSAE’s material but they also wanted to define the 2nd part of their business as similar but visually different. We used a color scheme to make this distinction.



BSAE Orange


BSAE Yellow


BSAE Internships Teal


BSAE Internships Dark Blue




Printed Material

Ensuring that BSAE branded material is instantly recognisable becomes even more important, especially as much of this material will be used in University fairs and events where the competition is high. Instant brand recognition is paramount.


Website redesign

We supported BSAE during their website redesign by making design change recommendations to their homepage, primary header area and main navigation. You can see some examples of this below.


Consistent and well designed icons to represent often complex areas of your service offering or facets of individual service offerings, is an integral part of your brand. We developed a set of icons to represent key areas of BSAE’s products, their call to actions and application procedures. These were used in print and online for consistent messaging.

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