The brief

We were tasked with creating a brand to represent a new online and printed resource for students, interns and volunteers returning from overseas study and travel. A printed magazine needed to be developed first which would be distributed around the USA and Europe.

Life After Study Abroad then required an online website which would also feature travel articles and tips for adjusting to life after study abroad. Finally a mobile app was needed so that the same audience could easily access this resource on the move.

Our Approach

This project was fantastic and offered us total creative flexibility both from a design perspective and strategy. It was also challenging as every single skill-set we have were utilised in this project. We developed a simple brand, website, advertising, social media marketing, 42 page printed magazine and finally a digital version of the magazine. We also put together media kits and advertising packages for potential advertisers.

LASA is now onto Issue 2 of its printed magazine and the website and digital magazine continue to be developed and improved.

Life After Study Abroad Magazine

Now on its 2nd edition and weighing in as a 44page saddle-stiched magazine. The magazine comprises a range of fascinating articles covering all kinds of travel stories, tips and resources for returning travellers.

Skills required

We were involved from the beginning with this element of this project, pushing the design of each spread with a mix of high-impact photography, illustrations and conceptual spreads. To keep the pace and flow of the magazine moving we used a combination of large full-bleed travel imagery, overlaying articles and customised illustrations to support each article.

Advertising management

Like all publications, the success relies heavily on sustaining advertising revenues. As such Tripsix Design were closely involved with the LASA team for managing all the advertising within the magazine, liaising with each individual advertiser to ensure their adverts were designed to the same calibre and ‘fit’ with the overall style.

Is print dead?

Quite the opposite…I think with the overwhelming ways we can now consume various media it created a very different breed of reader…people prefer snapshots of information on digital devices as apposed to reading through a whole book. We believe that print is very much still alive although is becoming more and more cost prohibitive to reach such a wide market. As such, as part of our strategy we look after print and then look at the most intuitive ways we can carry over that experience into digital spheres.

Distributed magazines
Increase in traffic to website
Return advertisers
Very happy client

Life After Study Abroad Website

A good website is paramount to the success of any publication, especially as it can be easily and inexpensively updated, reaches a much wider audience and can tie into all of your social media activities.

A such, we designed and built the LASA site using wordpress as the CMS so that on completion it could be handed over to the LASA team to manage and updated daily.

The design is very simple and allows viewers to read through various articles whilst also offering potential advertisers the opportunity to have page specific advertisments.

Wordpress CMS
Fully responsive
Advertisement ready
Design, build and support

Life After Study Abroad Digital Magazine

The next evolutionary stage for the LASA publication was to push it to a wider audience who consume media and news stories primarily on mobile devices. We looked at various methods to deploy the LASA content, from e-pub docs to downloadable e-magazines but felt the best way to serve up this content would be to design and develop a custom website, fully optimised for viewing across all devices.

The second goal was to develop this site for LASA and then carbon copy it with enough flexibility so that it could then be re-branded and sold to universities and other institutions who wanted this level of resource for their own students and alumni.