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No question too big or small. We value transparency in all of our communications. If your questions aren’t answered here then please get in touch.

General Questions

Why should I choose TripsixDesign?

Why? We have over 16+ years experience within the industry and offer a wide array of services to cater to almost any of your requirements. If there is anything we are unable to complete for you then we certainly have connections within our wider design networks who can.

Tripsix prides itself on clear communication and transparency throughout the whole design process whilst also maintaining a high level of creativity and quality throughout every piece of work. The end result is that clients get what they want, or are shown what they most need, in time, and on budget.

What kind of work do you offer?

There isn’t much we cant do…a bold claim but if we cant help you with your project then we certainly know other colleagues in the industry who can. See the full list of Services section for a full list of what kind of work we can offer.

How do we communicate during projects?

Communication is paramount to the success of every project and every project begins with you.

Discovery is the 1st phase of any new partnership. We are available by phone or Skype, with Skype being the preferred method due to the global nature of our clients. Please let us know your timezone and when you would like to speak so we can accommodate.

Alternatively, and in most cases, the usual form of communication would be via email with retainer clients linked into our Basecamp system for managing larger projects between multiple team members, sharing ideas, uploading files and proofs.

Can I discuss my project with you over the phone?

Although many of our projects have been carried out completely using just email contact, we are happy to discuss your requirements over the telephone or in person if you are local to Colorado should you require. Feel free to call us on either the phone or through Skype or alternatively send us an initial message here.

Do we need to have a meeting?

All great things begin with honest and transparent communication. Historically, much of our communication is via phone/skype calls and email messages but if you would like to meet in person to discuss the particulars of a large-scale job then we would be happy to arrange that (subject to geographic location). Get in touch with us to discuss your next project.

How long will the design process take?

Start times and turnaround times for projects vary depending on our workloads and the complexity of each individual project.

When supplying you with a quote estimate, we will also provide you with a guide timelines for finishing your final artwork. For example, key touchpoints such as Strategy, concepts, 1st drafts and final product presentations. Fast-track work can be completed in ‘out of office’ hours if you have a ‘screamer’ that needs taking care of, however these fast-track projects are subject to our enhanced hourly rate.

What if I'm not happy with the initial mockup?

Don’t worry these things happen and we won’t take offence if you don’t approve of the first mock-up designs. We’re more than willing to listen to your feedback, revise and re-submit another mock-up for you (free of charge).

I would like you to design my business stationery but what if my contact details change in the future?

All completed works are backed up both physically and on a cloud server. As such, any future amendments can be made at an hourly rate.

I want some marketing material designed for print, what will you need from me?

On placing a request for print design work, we would send you a work request email/form asking a few key questions about your project. On receipt of your completed email/form, we will get back to you with a quote and timescale for your project.

You will need to you supply us with any logos, photos, illustrations and text copy you want included in the design piece. If required we can source suitable stock photos and create custom illustrations to suit your project.

How will I receive my artwork?

Your final artwork will be supplied to you via Basecamp, Google drive, email or YouSendIt/Mail Bigfile for larger files, in a variety of formats for use in both web and print. These will include JPG, GIF, TIFF and EPS files. Other formats can also be provided on request.

Do you provide a printing service?

We do not directly offer print services but have, over the years, gained very good working relationships with printers across Europe and the US, and, as such, have preferential rates. If requested we can provide print quotes for jobs for you to compare against quotes you have acquired yourself.

Do you offer photography on your projects?

Yes, we are all keen photographers in and out of work. With high quality DSLR cameras, Go pro’s, Drones amongst other kit at our disposal and a keen eye for composition coupled with excellent retouching skills we are always keen to add customised photography to any project.

Quotes & Payment

How much do you charge?

For the majority of projects, we prefer to provide clients with a fixed rate quote for each individual project. This rate is calculated by our hourly rate and references many similar jobs we have completed in the past as a guide. This means that you know how much the design fee will be up-front, can factor those costs into your budget whilst also avoiding any surprises at the end of the project.

Transparency is key to fees and each business is different, and, as such, we would tailor your quote to fit your specific requirements. The quote would often be broken down into segments so you can clearly see how the quote is structured with no hidden costs.

Why are your prices different from your competitors?

We feel that our prices are in-line with our expertise, technical knowledge and the high quality of work that we produce; we do not undervalue or inflate our prices and feel that our close relationship with our clients gives us the edge. Yes there are companies that charge under £500 for a website, but you always get what you pay for.

How to you calculate your quote estimates?

Quote estimates are based off the time it takes to complete the project and our teams availability. Having operated for as long as we have, and time tracking the 100’s of past projects, we have solid data to hand to tell us how long everything takes. We regularly see recurring projects, and, as such, can accurately estimate how long they take for your particular project.

What happens when the estimated time expires?

We endeavour to always complete projects within the estimated time-frame. However…more complex projects sometimes incur “Scope Creep” and we need to be honest and transparent with you when this happens so that the very best project  outcome can be attained. Scope creep refers to a project that may receive shifting requirements that are so different from the original brief that it take our team significantly more time to complete.

For any project, we will always keep you updated on how much time remains of the quoted estimate. If scope creep occurs, we will notify you immediately of our concern and we can discuss.

How long does my quote last for?

Quotes are effective for 14 days. After that we are happy to re-quote you for a project.

Who will own the copyright to my design?

On receipt of full payment, the exclusive copyright of the final chosen design is automatically passed to you. Tripsix design do however retain the right to display the design in our portfolio, or for promotional purposes on or offline.

What payments do you accept?

We accept cheque, bank transfer, most bank cards and paypal with Paypal. Details of which will be included on your final invoice.

How do I pay?

You can pay online through the invoice, by cheque or through bank transfer. Typically we bill 50% at project start and 50% at project close. But we understand this isn’t possible for everyone so we’re happy to work out payment solutions.

Do you offer retainers?

Yes, in fact the majority of our long-time clients are on retainers and it’s our preferred way of partnering with organisations. What are the benefits? A reduced hourly rate, online project management and collaboration tools using Basecamp and minute by minute job tracking using our Paydirt system. Retainer clients also receive priority treatment over other clients. Need a highly responsive and supportive design and digital service? Retainers are for you.

Why do creative companies make you contact them for a price?

Super FAQ Secret: Prices change fairly quickly for a design company. When the work is rolling in it, new projects become more expensive to take on as staff become more utilised. And when things slow down, customers get an immediate discount. It all depends on a bunch of crazy parameters that are out of our control.

But trust us, we’re normal people that want to help make your brand super cool. Pass along your info here and a quote will magically appear in your inbox.

How do you track your time?

All of our staff track their time on projects using a system called Paydirt. As such, as a business, we get an accurate overview of how well our team is performing whilst also gaining a better understanding of how long certain tasks take. After tracking this data for 12+ years, we have a healthy understanding of the complexity of a variety of projects. The net result for you is that estimates we provide you are very accurate and based on years of data from 100’s of similar projects.

Website & Digital

What kind of website do I need?

Every business is different so please contact us with some details and we will advise you on the most suitable type of website for you along with a strategic roadmap for execution.

How are your websites built?

All our websites are coded in valid XHTML and CSS and are administrated through wordpress. The majority of our client websites are now using a customized website as the base for designing pages which makes creating new content easier for our client post completion.

Is there support after a website is finished?

Of course. Every digital project we send live goes through a series of rigorous testing and post go-live management. If you are having any issues with the website then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get to the root of the problem in no time. Out of spec, additional edits to the website will however be charged at our hourly rate. We also offer monthly service retainers which covers the majority of the common update tasks required to keep a website running smoothly such as plugin updates, PHP updates, server moves etc.

What if I want to update my website after it's gone live?

At the end of any website project, and as part of the service, we would spend 1-2hrs with you and your internal staff (skype and screenshare) to take you though the WordPress powered content management system (CMS) so that you can directly edit and manage content within your site. Each website we design and build will include a page builder system dn pre-made modules so that you can build or manage your own pages relatively easily. We feel that to empower you with this option both allows you to retain control and ownership whilst also reducing your on-going costs. If however your edits are beyond your technical expertise then we would gladly quote you an hourly or set rate for the alterations. We can also on request develop a series of training videos which can aid in training your internal staff.

Why doesnt my website look the same in every browser?

If you are viewing your website through the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer then they should render your website the same way, unfortunately if you are viewing your website on an older version i.e. Internet explorer 6 or 7 then there may be differences in how it displays. Either way, we spend a lot of time stress testing the website across all the major browsers and mobile devices to ensure maximum compatibility.

Will my website be on page one of google?

We completely understand that everyone wants to be on page one of google for their chosen keywords, however if there are 100’s of competitors all wanting to rank high then there are going to be 90 of them left disappointed.

We won’t mislead you this way by saying that we can get your website ranked high. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very specialist market and getting on to page one or even position one can cost £100′s if not £1,000′s (yes thousands) and can take a team of 20+ a number of weeks to get you there, and is also a never-ending process.  We would highly recommend speaking to our SEO team about specialist services to help you achieve this.

When will my website appear on google?

After we submit your live website to the search engines, it can take up to four weeks to be fully indexed.

Do the website prices include a logo design?

No, but we would be happy to produce a logo and branding to accompany your website and would advise that branding actually be developed before a website as one affects the other.

How long does it take to build a website?

This can vary on your specific requirements and the size and complexity of the site, but normally takes between 6-12 weeks from the initial mock-up to the website going live on the internet.

Do you offer website concepts?

Yes, of course. At the start of every website design project we would create 1 or 2 different designs, either at sketch/wireframe/high fidelity level in order for us to agree layout and style before the main site is built.

Why arent your website prices shown?

Unlike print, website requirements can vary massively with different businesses requiring all kinds of various functionality. As such we would breakdown the cost within the quote estimate, helping you decide which recommended add-ons and features suit your budget.

How fast will my website be?

Website speed is critical ton the ongoing success of your business….as such, as part of the design and build process we will be keeping this in mind. Generally speaking, we will be aiming to have your websites primary pages load in under 2 seconds. You can read more about website speed here in our recent blog page on this matter.


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