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Many believe that the writing is on the wall for print and print advertising, but even with the dominance of digital, it still cant replicate the tactile feel of traditional print. The following print ad examples show how effective this medium can still be.

1. This rape awareness print advert was immersive and highly effective as it pulls you into and makes you a part of the campaign.

After reading the headline and then trying to turn to the next page, the reader would find it difficult to separate the pages but with a short but violent pull would separate the pages to reveal a final line “If you have to use force then its rape” line.

2. Very much like the “should have gone to Specsavers?” advertising campaigns, this one by Y&R Paris for Keloptic is a simple and effective print ad.

3. Using comedy to discuss or promote something serious is also highly effective

4. the “Liking isn’t helping” campaign is another hard hitting print ad that hits us all because we are all responsible for this passive support mechanism.

5. I love the simplicity fo this ad and how it precisely targets Legos core demographics.

6. After an embarrassing business failure with KFC running out of chicken, they released a PR campaign to apologise to their customer base.

7. IKEA often release excellent print and TV ads, but our favorite are the ones that tease other organisations.