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TV adverts may be the point where you get up and make a cup of tea but over the years there have been some classic commercials that made us smile, sing, and even cry.

1. Whether you’re a Genesis fan or not, this advert is bold, hilarious and memorable. The subtle use of purple is the only thing tying the ad to the brand…but the important thing is that people will never forget it. Job done!

2. The tension, the build up, the perfect voice over and monologue, the arty black and white grading all make for another classic ad.

3. Outlining the honesty and legacy behind Hovis bread

4. This advert caused alot of controversy in school grounds and many a red face but the strategy worked and the advert and product were talked about for years

5. A comedic series of ad shorts that address the on-going battle between PC and Mac users

6. Its not easy to advertise a product that helps you poo but this advert delivers in fantastic style

7. A nicely polished and highly viral tv ad that was talked about for some time.

8. Marmites “Love it , Hate it” campaign continues to boldy advertise around the fact that not everyone likes their product.

9. This advert was first aired in the summer of 1992 and was the 1st of many high impact “Dont drink and drive campaigns” that really didn’t pull any punches to deliver its message.

10. An inspirational and emotional ad